The International Teaching Artist Conference (ITAC), is an international platform, which brings together socially engaged artists from around the world practicing in diverse fields, from local communities to educational institutes, and enables them to exchange ideas and deepen their expertise. 

ITAC conferences take place biennially in different global cities from Oslo, Norway in 2012 (ITAC1), Brisbane, Australia in 2014 (ITAC2), Edinburgh, Scotland in 2016 (ITAC3) and New York, U.S., 2018 (ITAC4). ITAC5, for the first time in Asia, will be held in Seoul, Korea and attended widely online.

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From the moment the conference began, to the minute it ended, I was constantly filled with phenomenal insight, inspiration, and support. I left the conference having learned so much, and broadened the scope of my knowledge, feeling uplifted and energized to continue my path in arts education and social justice. Thank you for all your work in putting together the one-of-a-kind ITAC4 community-conference experience.

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