사전 컨퍼런스 & 개막식

The On-Ramp to ITAC5 & Opening Ceremony

9월 14일


2:00am~10:00pm Seoul, KST(UTC+9)

6:00pm(-1)~2:00pm London, BST(UTC+1)  

1:00pm(-1)~9:00am New York, EDT(UTC-4)

사전 컨퍼런스

The On-Ramp to ITAC5: Getting Ready to Get onto the ITAC5 Highway  


  • 에릭 부스(Eric Booth, ITAC 창설자)와 진 테일러(Jean Taylor, 링컨센터)가 이끄는 ITAC 소개와 더불어 참가하는 동료들을 미리 만나보는 자리
  • There is so much new to discover at every ITAC conference; and ITAC5 is especially interesting because we are all learning how to connect well with one another over the internet.  An On-Ramp is the road that lets you get up speed while entering a fast highway—this On-Ramp session will help you accelerate onto ITAC5 highway. You'll get useful background, meet and talk with colleagues from other countries, and start exploring what the ITAC5 themes really mean to your practice, and around the world. Hosted by the Founder of ITAC and a teaching artist who has attended and presented at every ITAC. No sports car needed--just you.

  • Introduction of ITAC by Eric Booth(ITAC Co-founder) and Jean Taylor(Lincoln Center Education) get to know colleagues, and look into the ITAC5 themes in advance.


  • 개막공연, 기조발제 등 전 세계 다양한 활동가와 함께하는 행사의 시작!

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